3D Scanning

3D Scanning and printing

3D scanning brings a new dimension to product design, fabrication and installation. Portable 3D scanners can measure environments with incredible accuracy, allowing us to fabricate products that are guaranteed to be a perfect fit in any space.

Quality stainless steel products, precision engineering, competitive prices.

The metalwork on the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council building, custom handrails at Ocean Spa, at the iconic Crown Hotel in Ahuriri, and Hawke’s Bay Hospital – to name only a few.

The technology also allows us to show you the final result as a conceptual drawing or in many cases we can fabricate a demonstration product with our 3D printer.

Watch some of the benefits of Laser scanning in the construction industry

Laser Cutting
In Action.

Leading edge
precision engineering

3D scanning also allows us to reverse engineer a product and recreate it to the same specifications. Our unique approach to product design and development often means we can create a superior version at a similar or better price.

Leading edge
precision engineering

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